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Top Line Enhancement

Add volume and margin to B2B manufacturer top lines.

This one-of-a-kind, multi-faceted, approach breathes both volume and margin into your top line.  Our process is custom-targeted to your specific business circumstance.  We work with your leadership team to identify and take corrective actions.  Our role is to assess the context, present actionable responses, and nurture the resolve and engagement needed to support energetic execution.

Business Asset Utilization

Extract greater value from tangible business assets like tooling and machinery.

Locate assets and assess their condition with a tap on your tablet.  Track asset usage.  Work with your suppliers to arrange asset service or replacement.  Use the built-in supplier portal to equip your suppliers to see and manage their asset service backlog for you.  Keep your asset inventory to an efficient minimum.  Ensure that essential assets are available for jobs as needed.  Learn about asset failures and failure frequencies.  Take corrective actions to reduce asset failure risk.

Learning Management

Increase efficiencies and impact in learning management.

Our app provides a unique solution to a time-consuming, costly, activity.  While simpler, with fewer moving parts than a conventional “learning management” or “e-learning” system, it’s inherently more holistic in terms of the  way it melds learning initiatives with organizational impact.

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What kinds of things have we done for manufacturers?

Tool Inventory Management (Cloud SAAS App) | Employee Training Management (Cloud SAAS App)

Quality Lab Management | Quality Metrics | Product Certification | Custom ERP System Add-Ons

Time and Attendance | Inspection | Mill Scheduling | Business System Interfaces | Packing and Shipping | Receiving

Databases | Business Analysis Support | Lean Approach to Learning and Development

Vehicle and Driver Tracking | Centralized Dispatching | Fleet Optimization | Logistics Partner Integration

Decommoditize | Develop and Deliver Unrefusable Offer | Enhance Top Line – Boost Margin

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Supporting the journey toward Industry 4.0 and the Factory of the Future

Our vision of the future . . .

While moving toward common conventions, as prescribed by emerging better practices, businesses will still have their unique traits and characteristics.

Systems will be a medley of hand-picked 3rd-party niche apps on top of software cores provided by a new generation of factory formulators.

Connect with us. Start a conversation. Achieve your most sought-after business goals.

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Focus on Apps . . .

Remarkable, versatile, apps from Twin Lakes Consulting serve distinct purposes.  They are designed to deliver specific, measurable, business results.

asset kiosk app

Adopt a gateway to learning about business asset performance.  Build history.  Gain metrics.  Take corrective actions to extend asset service lives, increase asset availability, and avert asset failure risk.  This wonderful tool equips business to capture real time asset performance in house or in the field.

asset kiosk impact

Visit our Asset Kiosk (TM) home to learn more.  When your need is urgent contact Twin Lakes Consulting now.

twin lakes consulting - tangible asset management
You’ll choose this app because it empowers you and your team to create value for your business.

This app gets your team talking from the start.  The conversations that ensue spawn actions that refine your practices and bias your business toward extracting greater value from your tangible assets.

twin lakes consulting - asset value creation

Its clean slate approach makes the fewest assumptions about your business.  It equips you to shape the way it speaks your language and define your assets.

Visit our Asset Management home to learn more.  When your need is urgent contact Twin Lakes Consulting now.

twin lakes consulting - employee training management
Training consumes.  Employee time.  Trainer time.  Money.  Shouldn’t training be relevant?  Verifiably effective?

Ensure that learning and development is working for you.

Adopt an enlightened enterprise viewpoint, supported by simple management tools, that uses objective evidence to affirm the efficacy of your learning and development.

This app is a role-based solution.  It ensures employees receive training required for them to do their jobs.  The app also helps keep people from slipping through the cracks by ensuring that no training is missed.

twin lakes consulting - training management impact

At Twin Lakes Consulting, we’re among the very few you’ll find who encourage you to rein in the scope and spend of your learning and development efforts while boosting its impact on your organization. We’re uniquely qualified to truly understand and empathize with this challenge. We offer distinctive, clear, actionable insights to put learning and development under sustainable control while delivering on its potential to make your business safer, more productive, and more profitable.

When you embrace our simpler learning and development framework, your business recovers resources, gains confidence in your organizations’ learning endeavors, and can make bold attention-getting statements that attest to increased learning impact while reducing time spent in learning interventions.

Visit our Training Management home to learn more.  When your need is urgent contact Twin Lakes Consulting now.