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TLboost cloud apps for business optimization

  • asset management - better manage machinery, vehicles, service equipment, tooling, purebred and exotic animals - any business-critical assets
  • training management - role based approach to ensuring employees are current with training and training is effective
  • activity tracking - for professional service billing and employee performance assessment

We bring technology and people together to get work done better.

Our cloud apps help business extract more value from its tangible, intellectual, and human resource assets.

The Twin Lakes Consulting Difference

We do continual research. We know related industry standards. Our files are bursting with real-world asset management resources. We’ve developed and proven standout practices you can adopt.

We've learned from real-world experience in a variety of business contexts. From construction supply to ceramic parts to energy products, we’ve tackled complex business process challenges.

Our solutions leverage one of your greatest assets, your people, as the in-house subject matter experts. We show your people how to think through the challenges and find ways to exploit the power of their assets. We equip them with enhanced thinking processes that help them find the way.

  • We can equip your people with the vital practices that make asset management systems work.
  • We can protect your people from chasing the wrong metrics.
  • We can help your people avoid asset management missteps that others frequently make.
  • We can show your people industry-proven thinking processes that extract more from every resource – time, capital, and labor.

Physical Asset Support

When assets are needed to get the work done, we provide the knowhow needed to exploit them - in ways that maximize their contribution, ensure their on-demand availability, and extend their service life.

Asset management is made easier with automated systems to track assets and report their condition and availability. Automated systems for tracking physical assets have been around for some time. It’s commonplace to keep track of asset status, location, issue frequencies, etc. What makes our approach stand out is the context in which our systems are developed and the ways our systems extend your reach into finer points of asset management.

Twin Lakes Consulting provides a web-based system that answers to the asset management challenge. Our versatile on-line asset management system adaptively shapes to describe assets your way. We are highly configurable in what you see in different use contexts. Our system adopts lexicon that makes our distinctive approach look and feel familiar. We are inspired by the need to neatly exist in the broader context of a comprehensive enterprise asset management system. There’s nothing quite like our approach to supporting a grand challenge that others treat as mundane.

Though an automated system is a cornerstone of asset management, it is necessary but not sufficient. Success with assets is improved by implementing an overarching management system for assets. Emerging standards, like the ISO 55000 series, create a viable framework. When you get guidance from Twin Lakes Consulting, you’re teaming with a resource that knows these standards well. We’ll show you how to exploit the power of these standards without getting mired in superfluous details. You’ll be put on a fast track to practice vital thinking processes that put strategic asset management in easier reach.

Intellectual Asset Support

For years we’ve answered to industry challenges with automated systems for tracking and reporting employee training. In recent times we acquired new skills in forward-looking approaches when we served on the Working Group for the Experience API (xAPI) project. The overarching theme of this project is support for learning experiences that occur anytime and anywhere.

Our current work in this area supports standards developed by the xAPI working group to store, access, and share learning experiences in a disciplined, consistent, and secure fashion. Our learning systems create a learning experience repository which, as a learning asset, fuels initiatives driven by needs for applied enterprise talent. We can equip you with a larger architectural vision of learning and training.

You can harness contemporary technology conventions with our mobile, flexible, application to observe, record, and evaluate training events. You'll build a body of objective evidence to affitm training impact at your organization.

Team with us, and our strategic learning technology partners, to achieve your loftiest goals in training and learning.

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Extend the service life of your tangible assets. Ensure critical asset availability. Get more value from your business assets. Enhance your business’ key performance metrics.